Spiritual Goal Setting

Advent 2019

Using information from the book One New Habit, One Big Goal: Change Your Life in 10 Weeks by Jack Shitama, we will spend three weeks looking at our own spiritual lives and asking ourselves, “How do we want to grow in our faith?”

We will look at setting quarterly goals, establishing habits and mini-habits to help us reach those goals, how to track our progress, how to manage our environment to help us succeed, how to help keep each other accountable, and what we will do when we feel like giving up!

Below you will find PDFs of the student notes and discussion questions, as well as audios of each Sunday school class. Enjoy!

Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash

December 8: Why Goals Are Important and developing a SMART Goal

December 8 Sunday School Lesson Audio
December 8 Sermon — Happy New Year: Build On The Rock

December 15: Habits, Progress, and Environment

December 15 Sunday School Lesson Audio

December 22: Bright Line, the Dip, and Accountability

December 22 Sunday School Lesson Audio
December 22 Sermon — Happy New Year: Abiding in the Vine

December 29: Sermon (relates to Sunday School)

December 29 Sermon — Happy New Year: In My Father’s House

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